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We are still here! Building the La Ribera Volutneer Fire Department was the campaign that was created to generate the resources and awareness necessary to build a volunteer fire department to serve the rural communities of Cabo Este (like La Ribera).

Over time it became evident that the issue was much larger then just the single community of La Ribera, and that all the rural communities needed assistance. Working in a partnership with the professional firefighters in San Jose del Cabo, along with the Office of Civil Protection, we are helping these organizations improve and increase their spheres of influence to these communities.

Why the Name Change?

Since our fire department is protecting the people of multiple communities in the East Cape of Baja California Sur, in addition to La Ribera, we felt the Bomberos Voluntarios Cabo Este was more accurate.

Bomberos Voluntarios Cabo Este

In the United States, a non-profit corporation was formed (Bomberos Voluntarios Cabo Este Corp.) to manage and protect the interests of the new fire department: Bomberos Voluntarios Cabo Este.

If you joined the community at some point over the last year, when we were Building La Ribera Fire Dept, you’re still with us! Only the name, look and website have changed. We are still the same people passionate about providing fire rescue to the communities of Cabo Este.

In addition to this website, you can still reach us through our social media channels, and as those names are updated we will make sure you get the updates.

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Our Story

From a humble Go Fund Me to raise money for a fire engine to a fully qualified volunteer fire department.

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Our incredible community of thousands of supporters that have made this journey possible. 

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La Ribera
La Ribera FIre

Becoming a Reality

About 1 year ago a young woman named Maria Teresa Lomeli lost her life in a house fire in La Ribera, BCS Mexico. That’s how this began.

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