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Our story begins in August of 2019. Our president, Steve Alcorn has been building his retirement home in La Ribera, BCS Mexico. He spends about the half the year there, and is an active member of the community. News of a terrible tragedy in La Ribera spreads quickly.

Fatal House Fire in La Ribera BCS, Mexico On August 7th 2019, La Ribera resident Maria Teresa Lomeli died in a house fire in La Ribera, BCS Mexico. San Jose del Cabo firefighters; are the closest emergency responders, consequently it took an hour to reach La Ribera. Far too long to have any chance of saving Maria. La Ribera is 45 miles north of San Jose del Cabo, on the southern Baja peninsula. La Ribera relies on firefighters from both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas for emergency response.

Maria Teresa Lomeli: Lost to a house fire in La Ribera, BCS Mexico on August 7th 2019

A decision was made to do something...

Steve began with a simple GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a fire engine which could be used by Steve’s friends in Civil Protection. Over the last few years the operation has grown and we now support Bomberos San Jose del Cabo who are now expanding their sphere of influence to include fire-rescue services to the rural East Cape, along with Civil Protection and Baja-Med paramedics.

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Leaps and Bounds

Steve gathered support from his contacts in Northern Nevada and pretty soon a full international campaign was built from the ground up. The ambitious goal was to create a fully functional volunteer fire department in La Ribera. BCS.

Over the course of the next year Building the La Ribera Volunteer Fire Department collected donations, equipment and a community of supporters. By the beginning of 2020, a group of volunteer fire fighters from the Cabo Este area of Baja California Sur were receiving professional fire rescue training.


The Bomberos Voluntarios Cabo Este

As of the summer of 2020, the new volunteer fire department is providing expert fire rescue to the communities of Cabo Este. Saving lives, homes, businesses, and providing other emergency services.

Let's Keep This Alive

In order to keep operating and providing life-saving fire rescue to the vulnerable people of Cabo Este, we need your help. The Bomberos Voluntarios Cabo Este is funded by the generous support of people like you. Please take a few minutes to show your support of this worthy cause.

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La Ribera Volunteer Fire Dept

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Building the La Ribera Volunteer Fire Department has become Bomberos Voluntarios Cabo Este!

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Becoming a Reality

About 1 year ago a young woman named Maria Teresa Lomeli lost her life in a house fire in La Ribera, BCS Mexico. That’s how this began.

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