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Support Our Fire Department. Your donation is tax deductable and is used to directly support fire rescue services for the vulnerable communities of Cabo Este.​


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Cabo Este

Meet Cabo Este, Baja California Sur, Mexico. Images and information about this beautiful land and its communities.

An Evolving Commitment

La Ribera Volunteer Fire Department is now Bomberos Voluntarios Cabo Este

We started as a simple crowd-funding page to try to get La Ribera and surrounding communities in Cabo Este a fire truck that could be used by citizens to help give them a chance in the event of fire emergencies.  Less than 2 years later the Bomberos Voluntarios Cabo Este are assisting the professional fire rescue and other emergency services, in the vulnerable rural communities in the East Cape of Baja California Sur, Mexico. 

Along the way we have built an incredible, active community of supporters and enthusiasts that are helping us continue to support the new fire department and the brave volunteers that have made the safety of the people of Cabo Este their personal responsibility. 

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We Need Your Help

By donating to Bomberos Voluntarios Cabo Este, you are ensuring that we are able to provide the very best emergency response of the vulnerable people of these communities. Your donation is tax deductible and feels great. Monetary donations can be made through our Go Fund Me Page. To arrange an equipment donation please email us details to make arrangments.

Current Equipment Needs

Right now we are fortunate to have the 1985 Seagrave, “La Paloma” stationed at FS 4 in Buena Vista. We hope in the near future to be able to fund a station and engines in both La Ribera and south towards Santiago and Miraflores. We are actively raising funds towards the purchase of at least two more engines, specifically 4×4 Type III or Type VI, which are smaller and easier to navigate the smaller streets in the rural communities, but still quick enough to get out to the highway for vehicle accidents, or other rescue needs.  We are also looking for a water tender (water truck) to respond simultaneously with the engines. We are always in need of GOOD QUALITY fire and rescue equiptment. If you know of someone, or an organization that would like to donate, please have them get in touch.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Steve Alcorn

Fire Captain (ret), President Bomberos Voluntarios Cabo Este

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